Ad Critique

Ben & Jerry’s: Visit My Mosque

6, February, 2017



Bramd: Ben & Jerry’s

Country: UK

Campaign: Visit My Mosque: Why we should all try a different flavour

We talk a lot at Ogilvy Noor about how Muslim audiences want to reach out across divides and dispel stereotypes. For Generation M in particular it’s one of their key motivations. So it’s no surprise that in the UK, “Visit My Mosque” day has started to build momentum, and 2017 was the third year it took place.

Ben and Jerry’s campaign was perfectly placed to extend support to the Muslim communities by highlighting a key event in their social engagement. But it is particularly effective because it fits with the brand’s ethical stance. The imagery and wording are correctly positioned to be part of their wider brand positioning. This particular piece of outreach is part of the wider “One Sweet World” campaign which highlights wider themes of diversity and togetherness. ┬áComing out in support of Visit My Mosque day clearly was meaningful to Muslim audiences and generated goodwill. It’s worth noting that on the day itself, #VisitMyMosque was trending at number 2 on Twitter.

The brand’s ethical stance resonates well with Muslim audiences in general. However, we’d like to see more specific outreach into the Muslim consumer market. This might mean more spot campaigns like this, investment into social and creative projects as well as tactical promotional and PR outreach.

Our Muslim audiences say they love treats, love to serve good treats and are increasingly willing to reach into their pockets for brands which they feel have the same social aspirations that they do.