Services & Offering

We offer tailored advice to any brand seeking to appeal to Muslim consumers today. Ogilvy Noor has a wealth of expertise in Islamic Branding arising from years of successful marketing to Muslim consumers across our network of over 450 offices. We are also conducting, with our partners TNS, some of the most innovative research in this field to date.

We are offering our expertise to our clients in many ways to suit their needs. Firstly, we seek to be the generators of pioneering thought leadership in this field, with regular proprietary publications. Please click on Our Publications to have a look at our latest offering.

We also provide a bespoke Islamic Branding workshops to our clients. So whether you’re a

  • Global marketer seeking greater relevance in your existing Muslim markets
  • Global marketer seeking to enter Muslim markets for the first time
  • A regional marketer seeking to expand your horizons globally
  • Or an existing Islamic brand seeking to deeper understand your current consumer base,

we’ll be able to tailor research, analysis and expert brand-building guidance to your needs in any market or category.