How we can help

Our offerings are designed to support your organisation whether it be to offer initial understanding of this audience all the way through to bespoke consultancy and communications plans.  This includes:

Introducing the opportunity of the Muslim audiences to your organisation, focusing on key insights and understanding in order to build engagement

Deepening consumer, category and geographic insight. Whether it is your brand’s chosen sector that you wish to explore, or learn more about a key territory, we can immerse you into the world of Muslim audiences and their Muslim lifestyle

Developing bespoke services to ensure effective and sophisticated Muslim audience engagement. This is for any size organisation from start-ups that already have seed funding to larger businesses. We can guide you through new product and consumer development,  support your development through auditing your existing offering, research, strategic development as well as communications planning and delivery in all its aspects, including brand development, PR, digital, shopper marketing, social media and media planning. We work across all categories.

We also provide bespoke workshops to our clients.

So whether you’re a

  • Global marketer seeking greater relevance in your existing Muslim markets
  • Global marketer seeking to enter Muslim markets for the first time
  • A regional marketer seeking to expand your horizons globally
  • Or an existing Islamic brand seeking to deeper understand your current consumer base,

we’ll be able to tailor research, analysis and expert brand-building guidance to your needs in any market or category.