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  • Introducing “Generation M: Young Muslims Changing the World”

    ‘A fresh and insightful perspective on one of the twenty-first century’s most important economic forces: young Muslims and how they are shaping their worlds.’ Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO of WPP

    ‘Rapidly representing 25% of the global population, the often misunderstood Muslim consumer deserves all attention and respect. Generation M sets out why in a very compelling way.’ Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

    Whether you’re turning on the news or reading a magazine, at the supermarket shopping or out on the high street, there’s a story that captures our attention and which we keep hearing: the story of young Muslims.

    That’s no surprise. After all, there are 1.6 billion Muslims. They are young and they are growing fast. One in three Muslims are under fifteen, and two in three are under thirty. That’s more than one billion people making up 14% of the world’s population. This is a global story. In 81 countries the Muslim population will exceed 1 million people. More than 60% of Muslims live in Asia. And 500 million Muslims live as minorities around the world. And in places like India – where Muslims will soon become the largest Muslim population in the world even though they are a minority – they are increasingly middle class.

    But who exactly are these young Muslims? What is it like to stand in their shoes? What are their attitudes, their cultures, their aspirations and their point of view on the world?

    If we are going to map our global future, then it is imperative that we explore these questions and understand who exactly is this demographic and how we should engage with them.

    For any business that is serious about its growth strategy, the numbers tell us everything about this segment’s importance. But more than that, these young Muslim consumers will have an influence far beyond their own demographic to the wider Muslim populations and ultimately to global and local consumer trends.

    It’s crucial that we get to know these young Muslims. And that’s exactly what we are doing. Following our pioneering “Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer” we continue with our thought leadership. This is an that brands can no longer afford to ignore, but only if we understand them on their own terms. We are delighted to announce our upcoming book “Generation M: Young Muslims Changing the World.





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