Ad Critique

The Muslim Mummy Effect

1, September, 2011


In this AdCritique, OgilvyNoor is looking at an advert for Petit Gems Halal Baby food, and how they reach out to Muslim Mums in order to target them for their products.

The context: Prepared baby food is quite readily available and common on the high street. However, for those who wish to observe their Islamic faith, there were no baby foods with halal meat, which meant that Muslim mothers could only choose vegetarian options.

The concept: Mums want to offer the best possible food for their babies particularly with regards to protein and iron, whilst still remaining true to their faith and serving halal food.  The product is showcased as allowing mothers to remain true to their faith and custom, whilst offering good quality baby food.

The campaign: low budget TV ads for local community TV stations targeting the Muslim community

What we liked: The advert outlines the main worries that Muslim mothers may be facing in clear, direct and straight-talking fashion.  It talks about faith and custom as well as balanced diet. It showcases many women that look different and take different approaches to their religion, from different ethnicities and wearing headscarves or not. This means that a wide spectrum of Muslim women will immediately identify with the product. In addition the halal certification is extremely forthright, and stamped clearly through the advert, ensuring that potential customers know that the product is halal for sure. Finally, although the production quality needs to be improved, the fact that it is aired on a community channel and has a community feel to it will make it resonate with its target audience. Being broadcast to such an audience means that it is very well targeted and likely to generate a good ROI and word of mouth.