Ad Critique

Innocence and purity are powerful tools for advertising to Muslims

19, December, 2011



The context: Sleep is something that everyone craves, Muslims included! However, since the bed is an intimate setting, advertisers need to avoid overt demonstrations of intimacy or sexualisation if they are to appeal to the Muslim consumer who may be sensitive to the privacy of those settings.

The concept: Images of sweet sleeping babies, dressed in oversized clothes and grown up accessories, cleverly bring to life the tagline “Sleep like it used to be”. The audience quickly relates to the innocence and absolute abandonment with which young children can sleep, and awake utterly refreshed. Three adverts were created to show a single man, a single woman and a couple.

What we liked: The adverts display an overwhelming sense of purity and innocence. Whilst advertising a product like a mattress or a bed, it can be easy to veer into x-rated or overt imagery and concepts. However, Comforta has succeeded in creating a view of sleep which is family oriented and can be shared communally. Innocence in sleep is very appealing, especially when illustrated with children who are always seen as innocent and pure.  Cute children appeal to everyone, and in this case Comforta has cleverly marketed their product in a Muslim friendly fashion.