Ad Critique

Halal should mean ‘wholesome’ and ‘mainstream’

28, October, 2011


The context: ‘Halal’ food in its most technical sense refers to the way that an animal is ritually slaughtered according to Islamic prescription. However, it has a wider meaning referring to meat coming from an animal that was treated in a compassionate wholesome fashion and cared for to the highest ethical standard.  American Muslim consumers are searching for halal meat, but don’t necessarily need to see logos emblazoned everywhere, preferring for the halal nature of the food to be integrated into the mainstream.

The concept: The aim is convey the wider meaning of halal which refers to wholesome and good, in a way that appeals to mainstream consumers.

What we liked: The imagery is clean and clear, and assumes sophistication on the part of the consumer. It highlights quality over technical ‘tick-box’ halal requirements, and uses the traditional symbol of the American burger to do so. It re-invents the burger as something tasty, organic and healthy. Muslim consumers will find the focus on ‘goodness’ and the clarity of the imagery appealing as something that is ‘pure’ and lives up the wider standards of halal. It also engages them as part of mainstream consumers as it does not single out the product as halal, but rather is inclusive – something that appeals to American Muslim consumers who want to be engaged by the mainstream.