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  • The Friday Round Up from Ogilvy Noor (4 May): “On trend” Muslim fashion, Shariah nerves, and soaring Muslim consumption and confidence…

    It’s Friday and welcome once again to Ogilvy Noor’s weekly round up. We’re here to help you build your brand with Muslim consumers.


    We’re tackling the thorny issue of branding and Shariah: Nervous about making your brand Shariah-friendly? It’s easier, more profitable (and less frightening) than you might think. Read more here.

    Cheat sheet: Sharp insights into Muslim consumer markets this week

    Abuja to host “Faith meets fashion” show, with designers from the UK, USA and Egypt at a women-only fashion show

    2500 linguists, translators and online enthusiasts will work to increase the amount of web content and social media Arabic-language content

    Understanding Muslim views of the USA – an insight from the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies

    Islamic design inspires $54m building project: the use of courtyards, mashrabiyas and gardens balances privacy, open space and spirit

    Want to expand your financial brand to Islamic finance? Your workforce needs the right training says a Malaysian official

    The rise of Muslim women in the corporate and consumer space: “Faith and Finance: Muslim Women in the Business World

    Taiwan wants to export halal products to all Muslim countries by entering into an economic co-operation agreement with Malaysia

    Muslim fashion is declared to be ‘on trend‘ as a Vivienne Westwood protege develops a Muslim-inspired fashion collection

    American Muslim spending power a “marketer’s dream” and halal foods appeal to both Muslim and mainstream

    The consumption of Indonesia’s middle class soars

    The top spots on Nielsen’s consumer confidence index are taken by Muslim majority Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, pipped only to number one by India, which has the world’s largest Muslim minority of approximately 180m (Pew Report 2010)

    Wondering if the Muslim consumer market in the UK is for your brand? An estimated 2.87m population is worth noting for your business

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