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  • The Friday Round-Up from Ogilvy Noor (27 Apr): Hip hop, Wall Street, ‘Muppies’ and Miswak…

    Welcome to Friday at Ogilvy Noor. This week we address another of the big questions that we’re asked as the new Muslim consumer segment evolves: when it comes to marketing to Muslim consumers, what are the opportunities and challenges for brands?

    As always, we are on hand to bring you insights into commercial and consumer trends driving this market, trends which any savvy brand needs to know about…

    Yahoo keeps faith in Arabic content

    India’s first English language Muslim lifestyle magazine ‘Muallim’ is due to launch in May

    Muslim hip hop starts to address issues of the environment and eco-friendliness

    Read how the internet is changing young Muslims’ relationship with their faith, and each other

    Young Muslim women enhance their participation across all sports. One female Muslim blogger documents the growing trend

    Saudi Arabia has world’s highest ratio of mobile phones at 188% fuelled by high internet use. Usage of mobiles is also up for amongst teenagers and the 9 year age group

    Ogilvy Noor’s segmentation which identified the Muslim ‘Futurists’ combining faith and modernity is seen in action here as the Futurists talk to the New York Times: “Muslims on Wall Street: Bridging Two Traditions

    What’s a ‘Muppy’? These Muslim Urban Professionals say networking will help build a community of emerging professional Muslim leaders

    Chechnya’s first lady launches Islamic fashion line

    Keeping teeth clean is tantamount to religious duty for Muslims and has been done for centuries: welcome to the miswak

    Halal medicine now an option for Australia’s Muslims

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