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  • The Friday Round-Up from Ogilvy Noor (20 Jan 2012)

    Here is our Friday round up of what’s been happening in the world of Muslim consumers and Islamic branding. Make sure you stay tuned for your must-have digest, that will help grow your brand and your business with Muslim consumers.

    This week at Ogilvy Noor …

    We’re giving our top three tips for 2012 on how to talk to your Muslim consumers.

    First, remember to demonstrate an understanding of the values that are important to Muslims and which inform their world view: just tagging on the label ‘Islamic’ is not enough.

    Then, think about the crossover potential of your products: values that are important to Muslim consumers show universal appeal in general.

    Finally, pay heed to the importance of community: speaking to one Muslim consumers by default means you are speaking to a community of people who feel a duty to look out for each other.

    Read the full article here.

    What’s been happening in the world of Islamic branding and Muslim consumers:

    A fashion label from Germany “brings Islam onto the streets” is spreading from Europe across the Middle East

    Malaysia is set to become a major destination for Muslim tourism

    Indonesia’s halal beauty debate ponders the questions: is it halal? Does it need certification? Is it any good?

    In an interview with the CEO of MCB Islamic Banking in Pakista he says that the “Potential of Islamic banking is immense”

    Non-Muslim entrepreneurs and companies in Sarawak are being encouraged to venture into the halal industry

    “Innovation And Premium Halal Products Key To Becoming Halal Industry Hub” says Malaysian official

    The construction of a modern abattoir in Cotabato City in the Philippines is being encouraged by local government in order to boost the local halal industry

    “When kosher meets halal”: an insight into the similarities, challenges and their importance to consumers

    The lingerie market in Muslim countries is booming

    Parliament must protect Turkish citizens’ right to consume goods produced according to religious teachings, says a Turkish union

    Dubai tops halal friendly shopping destinations, according to a new list published of the shopping hot spots

    Jakarta to be the headquarters for the World Halal Food Council (WHFC) from January 2012

    The world’s top ten halal friendly holiday spots are revealed

    British baker Kingsmill gains halal certification for its products

    Davao pushes the Philippines-Saudi partnership to develop Mindanao just at the same time as halal lifestyle is being pushed for development in the area

    In Pakistan, the provider of the ‘fastest growing Islamic auto financing product‘ is to install trackers in cars that are under loan, in order to protect their assets

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