Ogilvy Noor in the Press

  • The World Islamic Economic Forum and Women

    21, December, 2012


    Following on from the 8th World Islamic Economic Forum, Ogilvy Noor’s Shelina Janmohamed’s presentation cited as “one of the more interesting presentations”. Read a review of why innovating to meet the needs of Muslim women makes sense.

    “One of the more interesting presentations was from Shelina Janmohamed, Vice President, Ogilvy Noor, UK. She is Muslim woman living in London, and her firm views the Islamic audience as a new audience. Her firm researched the trends in the Muslim world, and their analysis divides the audience into two groups – futurists and traditionalists. The traditionalists perhaps receive more press, but the futurists are leading the Muslim world in trends. This audience does not see contradictions between faith and modernity. Many are entrepreneurial, and if they don’t see a product that meets their needs, they make it. Many have great education and are increasingly aware of their rights. The women want to participate in the political process, the work force and postpone their marriage. There is also global connectivity between Muslim women’s groups. You could see this in the conference, where hundreds of Muslim women gathered to hear from powerful role models. [...]

    As a technical woman, I often see the disconnect in products that are designed for men, not understanding the differences in the market for others.”