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  • Fast Facts: Indonesia

    At Ogilvy Noor we know that you are busy growing your business and your brand. That’s why have put together this series of  ‘Fast Facts’ to bring you key information in quick bite size chunks about topics of interest if you are building relationships with Muslim consumers.

    This month we are looking at Indonesia.

    Official Title: Republic of Indonesia

    Language: Bahasa Indonesia

    Population: 232 million (UN, 2010), the 4th largest in the world. with a median age of 28.2 years

    Economy: Its GDP is made up of: agriculture (14.9%), industry (46%), services: 39.1%. The main exports are oil and gas, plywood, textiles, rubber, palm oil. The GNI per capita is USD $2,500 (World Bank, 2010). The monetary unit is the rupiah (Rp).  Its GDP is estimated at $1.121 trillion (2011) ranking 16 in the world.

    Religion: Muslim 86.1%, Protestant 5.7%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 1.8%, other 3.4% (2000 census)

    Geography: An archipelago of more than 17,000 islands covering 1.9 million sq km in South Eastern Asia, located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It borders Timor-Leste, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. The capital is Jakarta.

    Government: Indonesia is a republic with a presidential system. It gained independence from the Dutch in 1945

    You might not know: Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population. It is one of the ‘Next 11′ countries. Its internet population is a whopping 55 million, of which up to 80% are 15 – 30 years old. In 2011 there was a 100% increase of online trade.

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