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  • Eid Mubarak from Ogilvy Noor!

    This week around the world, we will join 1.8 billion Muslims celebrating the Islamic festival of Eid ul Fitr.

    Marking the completion of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, it is a day of great joy and new beginnings.

    After Ramadan’s physical and spiritual challenges, Eid heralds a bright future bursting with hope and potential.

    No wonder then that it is the children who are most excited and spoilt on this joyous day.

    All around the world, it is customary for elders and relatives to give Eid money to children. In South Asia this is called ‘Eidi’, in Malaysia it is ‘duit raya’ and in Egypt “Eid-ey-yah”.  In Indonesia the money is given in brightly coloured envelopes. In Saudi Arabia children line up in front of each family member to receive their Eid reward.

    To mark the fresh start that Eid ul Fitr represents, brand new clothes are usually worn, especially by the children. Some children join the congregation for Eid prayers at the mosque first thing in the morning, others wait at home excited by the Eid preparations. Later in the day, they accompany their parents to visit relations and friends to give Eid greetings, usually visiting the oldest relative of the family first. To show respect, they may kiss the right hand of the elder and then place it on their own forehead.

    In many Muslim countries, Eid is a three day holiday, and families take their children out to amusement parks, gardens or local travelling funfairs. Children spill out into the streets walking from house to house giving Eid greetings, and in return are treated with local sweets.

    Fireworks and sparklers are extremely popular all over the Muslim world, a continuation of the many historic traditions of sound and light such as Egypt’s Ramadan fanous lanterns, Eid oil lamps in Malaysia, and the bamboo cannon firecrackers of South East Asia.

    At this very special time, Ogilvy Noor wishes you a blessed and prosperous Eid, filled with brightness and joy in the coming days.

    From all the team at Ogilvy Noor, Eid Mubarak!

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