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  • The Friday Round Up: Ramadan commercial clutter, halal diplomas, and the value of the halal mark

    It’s Friday and time for Ogilvy Noor’s weekly round up of the most crucial insights from the world of Muslim consumers

    In depth

    As Ramadan draws ever nearer, it’s time for a new AdCritique looking at communications aimed at Muslim consumers through the Ogilvy Noor lens. This month we analyse a classic advertisement that has enduring popularity with Muslims because it combines a sense of strict devotion with human foibles and exploits the rich seam of humour that is generated as a result of the gap between the two. It balances the respect Muslims have for their faith with an understanding of the effort and difficulty of maintaining it.

    Read this month’s AdCritique of Nando’s Ramadan advert: Hungry and humorous? How to cut through the commercial clutter at Ramadan.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights into Muslim consumer markets this week

    Islamic banking in Indonesia grows 40 per cent in five years

    Saudi Islamic finance assets are worth $94bn and are made up of four commercial Islamic banks and a shariah-based cooperative insurance industry

    The Maldives targets the Islamic tourism market as tourist numbers from the Middle East grow by 77.8% in the first quarter of this year

    Muslim consumer engagement is recognised as a crucial industry need: Pakistan’s Halal Research Council launches a postgraduate online diploma in the Halal Industry

    Standard Chartered talks about the ‘huge’ Islamic banking potential which is based on “values, trust, honesty,” asking “Is that not what you want from a banker?”

    Shariah financing helps Muslims in the USA to achieve the home ownership dream

    “Private banking services adhering to Islamic principles set to grow to 20-25% of new wealth management business in 2-3 years”

    Arabs want a bigger role for Islam in their public lives, says Gallup poll

    Muslim and non-Muslim consumers in Russia see the ‘halal’ mark as a sign of quality. Halal meat demand is growing at 30 – 40% pa

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