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  • The Friday Round-Up from Ogilvy Noor (3rd Feb 2012)

    Thank goodness it’s time for Ogilvy Noor’s Friday Round-Up! If you’re in need of all important insights on growing your brand and your business with the Muslim consumer, here is your weekly dose of must-have news.

    This week at Ogilvy Noor

    It’s time for this month’s AdCritique, where we bring you an example of communications aimed at the Muslim consumer and give our expert analysis of its success, along with insights that you can use for your own communications. This month we are looking at Burj Bank’s “Shariat mein barkat” (‘Blessings in shariah’) campaign which increased their share of the Islamic Banking market in Pakistan four-fold.  You can see their communications and our AdCritique here.

    And we are looking back on creative ways to understand Muslims, here is last weeks piece on the rise in interest in arts as one method, along with a piece we ran last year called “30 mosques in 30 days” looking at a Ramadan tour in the USA by two Muslims, to get to know better the American community.

    News about Muslim consumers and the world of Islamic branding

    Brunei launches its “Brunei Islamic Experience” in a bid to woo Muslim tourists

    An Halal Integrity Management solution is to be implemented in Ningxia China to ensure food safety /quality from farm to fork

    “ImHalal” search engine aimed at religious Muslim internet users urges investment in Muslim digital innovation

    Halal children’s supplements are launched in Malaysia called “SafwaKids”

    UAE residents eat out 11 times each week. Arabic, Italian and Chinese restaurants preferred… as are friends over family

    Here’s an example of when to exercise caution with Muslim consumers “Islamic academic criticises shop’s apocalypse marketing”

    Burj Bank’s new marketing campaign “shariat mein barkat” (blessings in shariah), grows its Islamic banking share fourfold

    Brunei is to pilot the use of RFID technology to track halal products

    Krispy Kreme announces halal certification.  Doughnuts remain unchanged, but they say the recent certification “means a lot to consumers”

    Brunei Halal Brand is to set up base in UK to push sales and distribution

    A new social media website says it is targeting Muslim networking needs with the name and strapline: “UmmahLinked: Care. Share. Grow.”

    Will the increasing number of female graduates in the Gulf change how public and private companies hire and operate?

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