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  • The Friday Round-Up from Ogilvy Noor (30 March): Muslim tourism, fusion fashion and women who need more calcium…

    Here are this week’s not-to-be-missed insights from the world of Muslim consumers. This week, we’re featuring a milk product aimed specifically at Muslim women who wear the headscarf. You can meet the Ogilvy Noor team and find out how and why we work with brands that want to engage with Muslim consumers, and we’re in the press discussing the growing American Muslim consumer market.

    Read on to find out more on Muslim tourism, soap operas and Muslim fusion fashion…

    This week at Ogilvy Noor

    We bring you our latest AdCritique, which every month features a campaign that successfully targets Muslim consumers. We show you the campaign and then walk you through the successful ingredients. This month we are looking at Hilo Soleha, a natural mineral milk which aids with calcium absorption in order that women who cover with the headscarf have healthy bones despite reduced exposure to the sun.  “Love your bones, fulfill your calling.” We discuss “The Muslim Futurist women: how to support their needs and their passions“.

    Here’s a chance to watch our video and find out why Ogilvy Noor was set up, and how and why it plans to target the Muslim consumer segment. And as a bonus you get to see the team in person, including Ogilvy & Mather’s CEO Miles Young.

    Finally, we’re featured in the press for our work in raising the significance of the American Muslim consumer, and for the recommendations that we’re offering brands on how to engage with them. “…because Muslim communities all over the world tend to emphasize and trust in relationships, word of mouth and peer influence are extremely important…” Read more…

    News about Muslim consumers and Islamic branding

    A fan of television? Soap operas can give an insight into Muslim cultures

    Saudi Arabia to build its tourism business by promoting the Kingdom as the land of Islam and a cultural hub

    “Finding pride in their Islamic culture, Muslim youths in the San Francisco bay area are mixing” and matching their clothing styles

    A new online platform offers microloans to young Arab entrepreneurs to kick start business in a region that suffers high youth unemployment

    Rising demand for women-only floors in hotels which will appeal to Muslim female travellers

    Connect Muslim countries through business” says World Islamic Economic Forum

    UK food producer Bombay Halwa owned by ethnic cuisine veteran Lord Noon launches Halal frozen ready meals for UK market

    Halal Meat Academy opens in European Halal Food Park, Norfolk, UK, to offer training to all sectors of meat industry

    Middle East food service market ‘worth $31bn a year

    Faith, Money, Power: Leveraging the Buying Power and Influence of American Muslims” takes place 3 Apr in Washington DC featuring Ogilvy Noor

    Halal skincare brand Saaf receives investor backing to expand into wider international markets as a ‘premium, niche’ range

    Interest in ‘halal’ finance is growing in Italy

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