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  • The Friday Round-Up from Ogilvy Noor (16th March)

    It’s Friday and Ogilvy Noor is here to keep you up to date with news about the growing Muslim consumer market, and how your brand can engage with this rapidly developing segment.

    This week at Ogilvy Noor

    The most important question for any business or brand is the size of the opportunity when it comes to this new segment. And so we tackle that question head on this week by looking at the subject of “Muslim consumers: the business opportunity for brands today.”

    And if you’d like some detailed statistics, you can read our summary of the facts about the growing Muslim consumer market.

    News about Muslim consumers and the world of Islamic branding

    Let’s start with the subject of tourism. The¬†Australian state of Victoria has launched a major tourism campaign in the Middle East which includes Arabic/English visitor guides

    Halal tourism is on the rise in Egypt

    Here’s an example of how halal-friendly travel operators are reaching out to a growing Muslim tourism segment

    Albania, a majority Muslim European country, intensifies its efforts to boost tourism and economic cooperation wth Saudi Arabia

    Pakistan is stepping up to the market in global halal brands, by introducing a halal accreditation scheme for its businesses

    Organic halal meat from Australia is going to become available in the UAE, where organic food is gaining popularity

    Halal logos and signs are going to be allowed on food labels in Turkey

    The Middle East underwear market is growing due to the high purchasing power and fashion consciousness of Muslim women

    The USD$1.1 trillion Islamic finance market is showing “continuous growth” whilst at the same time “global economic turmoil is affecting conventional markets”

    Pakistan’s Meezan Islamic bank is offering Islamic interest-free loans to consumers who want to purchase laptops

    The consumer demand for halal dairy is growing globally. The ingredients need evaluating per halal criteria, and the same applies to packaging, processes, facilities and production

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