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  • The Friday Round-Up from Ogilvy Noor (10th Feb 2012)

    It’s that happy time of the week, when Ogilvy Noor’s Friday Round-Up is published. We’ve got a big piece for you to think about this week: how to build global halal brands, published in the FT. It’s a must read if you are serious about engaging Muslim consumers.

    We’re also bringing you the must-have news and insights to build your business and brand with Muslim consumers, whose spend is estimated at USD$2.1 trillion. It’s a market worth spending some time learning about!

    This week at Ogilvy Noor

    The race is on to establish powerful international ‘halal brands’. The stakes are high: by some estimates, the global market for halal products is worth $500bn a year.

    But it’s a market strewn with confusion, as separate Muslim countries try to establish recognised standards and producers from outside the Muslim world also hurry to enter the market. That leaves many Muslim consumers crying out for reliable brands that will help them guide their choices.

    In our feature article for FT.com, we discuss how to build global halal brands. Find out the developments in this blossoming market, key tips for brands wishing to grow their stature with Muslim consumers, and pitfalls to avoid.

    News about Muslim consumers and the world of Islamic branding

    The first halal hotel opens in Chiang Mai to encourage more Muslim visitors to the region

    Malaysia’s Industrial Development Minister says that the race to the halal industry is not just based on religion but also on business potential

    Spanish retailers test out their products for the Muslim market

    The Pakistani government launches an Halal Food Accreditation scheme to boost the country’s exports

    The Malaysian government plans to increase agriculture research to boost food production and turn the state of Kuching into a regional halal food hub

    Reflections on the development of  ‘Cyber Islamic Communities’

    “The opportunity for .Islam, .Riyadh and .Arab – Arab News” opens up as Internet Top Level Domains are widened out

    Malaysia aims to strengthen economic and trade relations with the Arab world

    Thai tourism operators must understand Muslim culture and halal food to grow the  Indonesian tourist market, says an official from Thai Tourism

    Nigeria’s first Islamic ‘non-interest’ bank opens to a quiet launch

    Indonesia aims to double Shariah-compliant assets as Middle Eastern and European banks invest in its Islamic finance industry

    A new agency for Muslim models to launch in NY Fashion Week who are “gorgeous, stylish and maintain religious beliefs”

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