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  • The Friday Round Up: Islamic banking, New Zealand halal, British Muslims, hijabistas and halal Turkish holidays

    Welcome to this week’s news and insights from Ogilvy Noor.  Did you know that at the moment we are in the Islamic calendar month called ‘Sha’ban’, which precedes Ramadan, when it is mandatory to fast. Muslims believe that it is also highly recommended to fast during the month of Sha’ban.

    In depth

    Next week, we will be speaking at the 3rd Annual Asia Islamic Banking Conference in Kuala Lumpur 10 – 11 July. Ogilvy Noor’s President John Goodman will be addressing this very thorny issue when it comes to Islamic Banking and Finance: “From doubt to devotion: overcoming Islamic finance sceptics and building consumer loyalty to Islamic brands”

    Ogilvy Noor’s lead in Indonesia will continue the theme of ensuring products and communications are clear and aligned in deed and spirit as far as users are concerned. His topic is:  “Don’t just talk ‘Islamic’, walk ‘Islamic’: understanding the importance of clear, transparent communication”

    You can read our introduction to the conference here, and see here for the 3rd Annual Asia Islamic Banking Conference Programme.  We’ll also be live tweeting from the event.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights into Muslim consumer markets this week

    Oman plans Islamic finance rules by year-end

    Muslims in Britain are the most likely of all groups to identify with the concept of “Britishness”

    NBO launches ‘Muzn’ Islamic banking brand in Oman (rain clouds). “Rain brings growth and prosperity” says deputy CEO

    New Zealand urged to expand halal trade beyond meat

    Take a look at the growing range of Muslim lifestyle fashion mags from around the world “Scarf ace – the rise and rise of the hijabista”

    New Zealand debates the best way to meet the ethical values of halal certification which requires purity from farm to fork

    From the FT: “Forget the bikini-clad Europeans. For a growing number of Turkey’s hoteliers, halal holidays is where the money is”

    For Muslim consumers, ‘halal’ extends to all aspects of the production cycle. Here concerns are raised about packaging being contaminated

    A halal audit body is proposed for Malaysia to monitor the food industry in order  to address low Muslim consumer confidence in halal integrity

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