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  • Ogilvy Noor wishes you a blessed Ramadan

    Ramadan photo gallery courtesy of Yahoo

    This weekend, Muslims all around the world will begin fasting for the Islamic month of Ramadan. There will be no physical intake during daylight hours, a tough challenge to avoid eating and drinking during daylight hours. In the summer months this is particularly challenging in countries where the heat rises, and for those who live in the northern hemisphere this year’s fasts will be particularly long.

    Iftar is the name of the meal taken as soon as night falls, meaning ‘breaking fast’. Islamic tradition dictates that the fast is broken with dates, a highly nutritious burst of energy, accompanied by a short prayer dedicating the fast to God, and thank for the food to break the fast. Around the world there will be traditional foods reserved especially for Ramadan, which will adorn tables, usually cooked lovingly by wives and mothers for their families to enjoy after the challenge of the long day of hunger and thirst.

    Suhoor is the meal taken just before the fast begins, in the deepest part of the night just before dawn breaks. Waking from their slumber, families will gather to eat as it is an act of devotion to do so, and also is a boost of energy for the day ahead. After suhoor they will pray their morning prayers. Of course, in some parts of the world, particularly Muslim majority countries, people will be out from iftar to suhoor as daily schedules are shifted to be more accommodating to the hours of fasting.

    As Muslims begin this month, there is a sense of excitement at the spiritual journey ahead, and an aspiration to get the most from the community spirit and the opportunities for devotion in the coming 30 days. Although the rituals, spirit and values of Ramadan are shared all around the globe, celebrations and activities vary by culture and region.

    Above is a lovely gallery of photos to get a flavour of the vibrant, warm and passionate responses to the Islamic holy month. Click on the photo to see more.

    From all of us here at Ogilvy Noor, we wish you a very blessed and joyful Ramadan.

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