Ogilvy Noor in the Press

  • The National (UAE) interviews Ogilvy Noor about getting to know the Muslim market

    13, October, 2011

    The National writes: Major companies looking to crack large markets usually target countries with vast, rapidly expanding populations such as China. But there is one community whose growth is expected to outpace all others during the next two decades. And it is not confined by borders. About 23 per cent of the world's population is Muslim, but followers of Islam could account for more than half of the globe's inhabitants by 2050, according to one estimate. But how do companies attract consumers for whom religion plays such a pivotal role in their lives? And which brands appeal the most to Muslim shoppers?

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  • Ogilvy Noor featured on FT.com: Muslim Fashion

    27, September, 2011

    Read our comment piece on the FT's BeyondBRIC's blog looking at the global phenomenon of 'Muslim Fashion'

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  • Marketing-Interactive runs feature on Islamic Marketing: “Beyond the call of duty”

    12, September, 2011

    Worth US$2.1 trillion globally, the Muslim market can’t be ignored. Marketing-Interactive finds out how companies can make the most of their opportunities. They talk to Ogilvy Noor to find out more about our segmentations, the 'Futurists' we identified, and about the Noor Brand Index

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  • Ogilvy Noor featured on FT.com’s blog BeyondBrics

    8, September, 2011

    Read our comment piece: "The Ramadan season is over. So what now for Muslim brands?"

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  • Ogilvy Noor: tailoring communications for Muslim consumers

    6, September, 2011

    Bizz.be asks: "One in five Belgians of foreign origin, and that percentage will rise. How can marketers reach these ethnic groups?"

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    5, July, 2011

    Ogilvy Noor's book "Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer" wins top honour in WPP Group's annual Atticus awards for original published thinking in communication services.

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  • Youthquake in the Middle East

    6, April, 2011

    The Australian discusses the rise of the 'shabab' in recent events in the Arab world, and quotes Ogilvy Noor's groundbreaking study

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  • Meet the new Muslim consumer

    5, October, 2010

    Campaign Asia takes a deeper look into the cutting edge of branding, quoting Ogilvy Noor.

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  • Advertisers seek to speak with Muslim consumers

    12, August, 2010

    For decades, many Western companies failed to appreciate the unique needs of Muslim consumers, marketing experts say. Worse, some companies offended potential customers by not understanding religious sensitivities. But as the Islamic population has grown in size and affluence more multinationals are seeking to tap into the market.

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  • AdMap/ WARC: Young, Muslim and Ready to Engage, by Nazia Hussain

    1, August, 2010

    Young Muslim consumers are protective of their faith, inquisitive, demand honesty and integrity from brands, mirroring the CSR values that many global brands are striving to achieve, and are brand loyal.


  • Alrroya Aleqtissadiya: Launching first Islamic branding company in UAE

    17, July, 2010

    The halal market alone is worth a staggering US$2.1 trillion a year and is growing at US$500bn a year due to the growth of the global Muslim population.


  • Communicate: Its not the super bowl

    14, July, 2010

    Memac Ogilvy's Tanya Dernaika says brands that ignore spiritual aspects of the Holy Month will lose both customers and credibility. "Industry experts commonly refer to Ramadan as "prime time".