Ogilvy Noor in the Press

  • “Brands Can Win by Tapping Muslim Market”

    9, April, 2012

    The CMO site discusses how brands can engage with the Muslim consumer, the world's fast growing consumer segment in size and spending power. Quoting Ogilvy Noor's study on the American Muslim Consumer segment, the article quotes: "They want brands to reach out to them and show them the same respect as other faiths (pdf). And because Muslim communities all over the world tend to emphasize and trust in relationships, word of mouth and peer influence are extremely important. If brands can see every interaction with the Muslim consumer as an interaction with the Muslim community as a whole, addressing Muslims can pay off in a big way."

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  • Marketing-Interactive: Is Online The New Space For Halal?

    22, March, 2012

    In Malaysia following the recent report of a 'halal' Facebook, there are now plans to launch a 'halal' group-buying site. Learn more about Ogilvy Noor's expert advice on how the influential Muslim Futurists are using the Internet and Social Media.

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  • Daily Star (Bangladesh): Ogilvy Noor says Islamic branding is an untapped opportunity

    28, February, 2012

    Ogilvy Noor's president John Goodman discusses opportunities for Islamic Branding in Bangladesh. Goodman explains that 'advertisers can tap the tastes of the Muslim majority in Bangladesh as well as in the rest of the world through Islamic branding. "There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, which can be a major market for the advertisers," he said. In a first of its kind, the advertising agency has launched a consultancy service dedicated to help marketers build brands that appeal to Muslim consumers. Ogilvy Noor, as it is named, is positioned as the world's first marketing consultancy service focused on Islamic branding practices. Goodman said Islamic branding is a largely untapped opportunity for the domestic and global market. So, Ogilvy Bangladesh also wants to work on Islamic branding practices.'

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  • FT.com publishes Ogilvy Noor’s thought piece – The Muslim consumer: building your brand for a fast-growing segment

    9, January, 2012

    It’s the beginning of 2012 and you’ve come into work determined to flex your marketing muscles and really make a splash for your brand by growing a new segment. Where should you look? The Muslim consumer. Here’s why: a global population of 1.8bn people who say their faith shapes their consumption choices. It’s a market estimated at $2.1tr. And its movers and shakers are the ‘Futurists’: predominantly young, tech-savvy Muslims who take pride in their faith but embrace modernity, marketing and – most of all – brands. So here are three tips on engaging with this lucrative, untapped and potentially very loyal consumer base: focus on finance, fashion and food.

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  • CNN’s blog discusses Ogilvy Noor’s findings on American Muslim consumers

    16, December, 2011

    CNN's blog discusses the power of the American Muslim consumer and quotes Ogilvy Noor's findings to illustrate how brands can better engage with them

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  • Forbes India talks about Ogilvy Noor Turning Muslim Consumers’ Problems into Marketing Solutions

    8, December, 2011

    Companies are discovering Muslims as consumers. According to Nazia Du Bois (Nee Hussain), Director of Cultural Strategy at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Muslim consumers total almost 1.8 billion people worldwide. The halal market, which refers to that which is permissible according to Islamic law, is worth $2.1 trillion. Ogilvy Noor became the world’s first Islamic branding agency in 2010 and offers advice on how to build brands that appeal to Muslim consumers.

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  • Global Islamic Finance Magazine features Ogilvy Noor discussing “How to run an Islamic Bank”

    20, November, 2011

    "Islamic banking and finance has changed the financial systems creating an alternative tothe conventional way of banking," says the magazine. In their feature article, they discuss aspects that "encourage the demand for Islamic finance and banking and explore the perspective of the consumer" looking at the spreadingof awareness in Islamic banking of marketing, promotional strategies and branding.

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  • Ogilvy & Mather to Receive 2011 Multicultural Award

    28, October, 2011

    Based on the work in the American Muslim Consumer market and the 2010 research report, “A little empathy goes a long way: How brands can engage the American Muslim consumer”, the 2011 Multicultural Award will be presented to Ogilvy & Mather at the third annual American Muslim Consumer Conference.

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  • The National (UAE) interviews Ogilvy Noor about getting to know the Muslim market

    13, October, 2011

    The National writes: Major companies looking to crack large markets usually target countries with vast, rapidly expanding populations such as China. But there is one community whose growth is expected to outpace all others during the next two decades. And it is not confined by borders. About 23 per cent of the world's population is Muslim, but followers of Islam could account for more than half of the globe's inhabitants by 2050, according to one estimate. But how do companies attract consumers for whom religion plays such a pivotal role in their lives? And which brands appeal the most to Muslim shoppers?

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  • Ogilvy Noor featured on FT.com: Muslim Fashion

    27, September, 2011

    Read our comment piece on the FT's BeyondBRIC's blog looking at the global phenomenon of 'Muslim Fashion'

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  • Marketing-Interactive runs feature on Islamic Marketing: “Beyond the call of duty”

    12, September, 2011

    Worth US$2.1 trillion globally, the Muslim market can’t be ignored. Marketing-Interactive finds out how companies can make the most of their opportunities. They talk to Ogilvy Noor to find out more about our segmentations, the 'Futurists' we identified, and about the Noor Brand Index

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  • Ogilvy Noor featured on FT.com’s blog BeyondBrics

    8, September, 2011

    Read our comment piece: "The Ramadan season is over. So what now for Muslim brands?"

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