Ogilvy Noor in the Press

  • Brownbook talks to Ogilvy Noor about Designing the Moon for Ramadan

    2, August, 2012

    We spoke to Brownbook about designing the moon for Ramadan, offering an insight into the significance of the crescent moon design, and why the crescent symbol is important to Muslims. Brownbook is an urban lifestyle guide focusing on design, culture and travel across the Middle East and North Africa.

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  • WPP’s Atticus Awards: Ogilvy Noor wins in the Corporate Award category

    20, July, 2012

    WPP's Atticus Awards honour original thinking in communications services. This year we are delighted that Ogilvy Noor is the winner of the prestigious WPP Atticus award in the Corporate category. The Corporate Atticus recognises consistent achievement by a WPP Group company in producing high-quality professional publications. Ogilvy Noor won for its weekly blog which is found here.

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  • Monocle 24: Retailers reaching out to Muslim consumers in Ramadan

    13, July, 2012

    With Ramadan barely days away, Monocle 24 discusses the increasing numbers of supermarkets and retailers who are reaching out to Muslim consumers through advertising and in-store offers. Ogilvy Noor discusses this growing trend, why brands are embracing their Muslim consumers, and how they can reach out and engage for a long term relationship. You can listen to the interview here in Monocle 24's podcast on 9th July, which starts at 32:20. Scroll down through more recent podcasts to reach 9/7/12 and listen to the preview or download in iTunes.

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  • PR Week: Affluent and untapped

    15, June, 2012

    The key to connecting with Muslim Americans is respecting their unique qualities while recognizing the similarities to other US consumer markets, writes PR Week. One look at the American-Muslim demographic will reveal a young, educated, affluent population that's both highly loyal and eager to be engaged by US companies. Yet, the market is basically untapped. Research conducted by Pew Research Center, Ogilvy Noor, an Islamic branding consultancy, media research and advisory firm DinarStandard, and other organizations has begun to shed... [Requires subscription to view the whole article] Published in PRWeek, June 2012

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  • Economist Intelligence Unit: The Sharia Conscious Consumer

    29, May, 2012

    Ignore the Sharia-conscious consumer at your peril. With the world’s Muslim population now at around1.8 billion and rising, few in business can turn their back on such a demographic. Since more than 50% of Muslims worldwide are under the age of 25 and, together, account for more than 10% of the world’s population, the prospects for the future look remarkably bright. From food and Islamic finance, the industry is spreading its wings into pharmaceuticals, fashion and tourism, among many other areas. But given the global nature of the business, the industry will grow at varying speeds in different regions, while certain segments will garner more attention than others.

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  • “Muslim consumers are growing in the USA and they have money to spend”

    21, May, 2012

    WASHINGTON - Muslim consumers are growing in the U.S., and they have money to spend. Now, businesses are starting to take notice. [...] With an estimated disposable income of between $107 billion and $124 billion, Muslim Americans can influence the market, he said. If a business offers halal food products, for example, Muslim consumers will pick that business over others.

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  • Times of India: Indian brands secure ‘halal’ stamp to woo Muslims in global markets

    21, May, 2012

    Islamic branding is an idea whose time has come, as brands tracking a broader consumer base get accustomed to Muslim sensibilities. It's not just about halal food alone, for it's at the forefront of the branding repertoire that resonates deeply with Muslim consumers around the globe. Homegrown brands like CavinKare, Daawat, Bikano, Goldwinner oil, Vadilal ice cream, Amrutanjan Health Care and Gujarat Ambuja Exports are embracing halal-certification to get a better foothold in markets like Singapore, Malaysia and Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries.

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  • Huffington Post: Muslim growth is good for marketing

    12, April, 2012

    "WASHINGTON (RNS) Muslim consumers are growing in the U.S. and they have money to spend. Now, businesses are starting to take notice." Read about the American Muslim Consumer, and how Ogilvy Noor is part of a pioneering conversation...

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  • “Brands Can Win by Tapping Muslim Market”

    9, April, 2012

    The CMO site discusses how brands can engage with the Muslim consumer, the world's fast growing consumer segment in size and spending power. Quoting Ogilvy Noor's study on the American Muslim Consumer segment, the article quotes: "They want brands to reach out to them and show them the same respect as other faiths (pdf). And because Muslim communities all over the world tend to emphasize and trust in relationships, word of mouth and peer influence are extremely important. If brands can see every interaction with the Muslim consumer as an interaction with the Muslim community as a whole, addressing Muslims can pay off in a big way."

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  • Marketing-Interactive: Is Online The New Space For Halal?

    22, March, 2012

    In Malaysia following the recent report of a 'halal' Facebook, there are now plans to launch a 'halal' group-buying site. Learn more about Ogilvy Noor's expert advice on how the influential Muslim Futurists are using the Internet and Social Media.

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  • Daily Star (Bangladesh): Ogilvy Noor says Islamic branding is an untapped opportunity

    28, February, 2012

    Ogilvy Noor's president John Goodman discusses opportunities for Islamic Branding in Bangladesh. Goodman explains that 'advertisers can tap the tastes of the Muslim majority in Bangladesh as well as in the rest of the world through Islamic branding. "There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, which can be a major market for the advertisers," he said. In a first of its kind, the advertising agency has launched a consultancy service dedicated to help marketers build brands that appeal to Muslim consumers. Ogilvy Noor, as it is named, is positioned as the world's first marketing consultancy service focused on Islamic branding practices. Goodman said Islamic branding is a largely untapped opportunity for the domestic and global market. So, Ogilvy Bangladesh also wants to work on Islamic branding practices.'

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  • FT.com publishes Ogilvy Noor’s thought piece – The Muslim consumer: building your brand for a fast-growing segment

    9, January, 2012

    It’s the beginning of 2012 and you’ve come into work determined to flex your marketing muscles and really make a splash for your brand by growing a new segment. Where should you look? The Muslim consumer. Here’s why: a global population of 1.8bn people who say their faith shapes their consumption choices. It’s a market estimated at $2.1tr. And its movers and shakers are the ‘Futurists’: predominantly young, tech-savvy Muslims who take pride in their faith but embrace modernity, marketing and – most of all – brands. So here are three tips on engaging with this lucrative, untapped and potentially very loyal consumer base: focus on finance, fashion and food.

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