Ogilvy Noor in the Press

  • Financial Express Bangladesh: The growing untapped market of Muslim consumers worldwide

    19, December, 2014

    In a detailed discussion of the opportunity brands have before them, the Financial Express quotes Ogilvy Noor on what it means to build a brand aimed at Muslim consumers and the kind of values that should be built into it. Read the full article here.

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  • Campaign Asia awards winner

    11, December, 2014

    We are delighted that Ogilvy Noor's Q Akashah was named this year's Campaign Asia awards winner for Young Achiever of the Year.

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  • Dhaka Tribune: Marketing to Muslims

    4, June, 2014

    The Dhaka Tribune discusses the growing opportunity in marketing to Muslims, and Ogilvy Noor's pioneering work in understanding the new Muslim consumer.

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  • Wall Street Journal: Personal care firms discover new Muslim markets

    27, May, 2014

    The Wall Street Journal discusses new products aimed at Muslim consumers, and why this is an untapped and growing opportunity for businesses.

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  • FT: Retailers respond to Muslims’ increased spending power

    9, May, 2014

    Today's Financial Times discusses the growing spending power of the Muslim consumer and how retailers are slowly realising the untapped opportunity.

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  • Marketing Week: the UK’s first national campaign targeting British Muslims

    6, May, 2014

    Marketing Week discusses the opportunity of British Muslim consumers, following the acclaimed launch of ieat foods halal ready meal range in the UK.

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  • Business of Fashion: Fashion’s missed Muslim market opportunity

    2, May, 2014

    Ogilvy Noor talks to Business of Fashion Magazine about the growing industry of Muslim fashion and why global brands need to start getting involved. "Socio-economic and political developments, aided by the connectivity of the Internet, have galvanised a newly emergent Muslim consumer demographic, creating significant, if complex, opportunities for international fashion brands."

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  • China Asia Daily: growing Muslim food consumption

    1, May, 2014

    Malaysian billionaire Halim Saad once said: “Halal is the biggest and the oldest brand in the world.” Our media comments on the growth of halal consumption and how corporations are tackling this demand.

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  • China Daily Asia: Reaching out to Muslim consumers

    1, May, 2014

    Ogilvy Noor's President is quoted in a piece reflecting on global multinationals and how they are increasingly focusing on the Muslim consumer audience.

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  • Aurora Magazine: The New Muslim Consumer

    3, March, 2014

    Ogilvy Noor's President John Goodman talks to Aurora Magazine.

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  • BBC: the rise of the halal business Chicken Cottage on British high streets

    15, January, 2014

    The BBC looks at the success of halal British fast food chain Chicken Cottage and its appeal to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike. Watch out for some expert insight from Ogilvy Noor’s VP around 2 mins 25.

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  • Ogilvy Noor to be a judge for the Global Islamic Economy Award

    14, October, 2013

    As part of the Global Islamic Economy Summit, Ogilvy Noor will be a judge for the inaugural annual Global Islamic Economy Award.

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