Ogilvy Noor in the Press

  • Daily Star (Bangladesh): Ogilvy Noor says Islamic branding is an untapped opportunity

    28, February, 2012


    John Goodman, President of Ogilvy Noor, explains that ‘advertisers can tap the tastes of the Muslim majority in Bangladesh as well as in the rest of the world through Islamic branding.

    “There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, which can be a major market for the advertisers,” he said.

    In a first of its kind, the advertising agency has launched a consultancy service dedicated to help marketers build brands that appeal to Muslim consumers.

    Ogilvy Noor, as it is named, is positioned as the world’s first marketing consultancy service focused on Islamic branding practices.

    Goodman said Islamic branding is a largely untapped opportunity for the domestic and global market. So, Ogilvy Bangladesh also wants to work on Islamic branding practices.’

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