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  • How far has the market progressed for American Muslim Consumers?

    22, October, 2011

    Last year Ogilvy Noor participated in the American Muslim Consumer Conference. Our CEO Miles Young was the keynote speaker at the event held in New Jersey, USA.  After the conference he commented: “The conference was a huge success, a kind …

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  • Featured in The National: Getting to know the market

    11, October, 2011

    We are featured today in today’s edition of The National Major companies looking to crack large markets usually target countries with vast, rapidly expanding populations such as China. But there is one community whose growth is expected to outpace all …

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  • Branding Halal: The rise of the young Muslim consumer

    6, October, 2011

    This article from Ogilvy Noor was published this week as the feature on Sparksheet.com The Arab Spring is turning the Muslim world upside down, opening a whole new frontier for brands and marketers. The emerging Muslim consumer is young, tech-savvy and …

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  • Featured on FT.com: Muslim Fashion

    27, September, 2011

    This article was published today on FT.com. The fashion industry is currently showcasing its wares for next year’s spring/summer collections. New York and London have already strutted their stuff and with Milan winding up and Paris on later this week, …

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  • Get ready for the hajj – what you need to know about the world’s most diverse gathering

    24, September, 2011

    This week at Ogilvy Noor I’m looking at the upcoming event of the hajj, which will begin in just under six week’s time. The Islamic calendar is marked by two main celebrations. The first is Eid ul Fitr which immediately follows …

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  • “I wonder about the Arab Spring”

    16, September, 2011

    Over at our sister company JWT, there is a great blog post about the implications of the Arab Spring. The author, Till Hohmann, writes by way of introduction: I wonder,… …whether there is a lot more to be learned from …

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  • The sweet (halal) smell of success

    14, September, 2011

    This week I’m looking at the rise of halal perfume, and why for many Muslims, it is such an important and beloved part of their faith and culture. If you wander down to the mosque on a Friday afternoon, in …

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  • Featured on FT.com: The Ramadan season is over. So what now for Muslim brands?

    8, September, 2011

    This week we are featured on FT.com discussing what happens after Ramadan.  You can read the article below, or on the FT site:  You’ve spent a huge chunk of your annual budget reminding your Muslim consumers that your brand exists. …

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  • So Eid, is that like the Muslim Christmas then?

    23, August, 2011

    Next week is the celebration of Eid ul Fitr which comes after the end of Ramadan. How should marketers approach this occasion, and for those who are less familiar with its significance to the Muslim consumer, is it helpful to …

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  • If you’re a soft drinks brand and you want to capture the lucrative Ramadan market…

    15, August, 2011

    This week I’m looking at the fact that Ramadan brings its own special drinks which are indispensable favourites and which Muslim consumers simply cannot do without. What makes them part of the cultural fabric and what makes their sales spike during …

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  • Win Muslim consumers through effective Ramadan branding: tips on humour and charitable giving

    8, August, 2011

    Last week we looked at some generally smart ways that companies and brands can reach out to Muslim consumers during Ramadan. This week we want to extend the series to look at two additional values to tap into in order to …

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  • How to smarten up your branding this Ramadan

    1, August, 2011

    ‘Ramadan Kareem!’ will be ringing across the Muslim world today on the first day of the Islamic month of Ramadan. For the next month, Muslims will be fasting from dawn to dusk, allowing no physical intake such as food or …

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