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  • The Muslim consumer: building your brand for a fast-growing segment

    9, January, 2012

    This thought piece was published recently on FT.com The Muslim consumer: building your brand for a fast-growing segment By Shelina Janmohamed of Ogilvy Noor It’s the beginning of 2012 and you’ve come into work determined to flex your marketing muscles and …

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  • Looking back at 2011 at Ogilvy Noor: the year in review

    19, December, 2011

    We’re nearing the end of 2011, which means it’s a good time to take a look back at what has been happening, what we’ve been up to and of course the momentous changes beyond what could have been predicted 12 …

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  • Halal brands must learn how to become trusted friends of the Muslim consumer

    14, December, 2011

    If you have a brand that you are aiming to sell to Muslim consumers – a global market estimated at $2.1 trillion annually – then the first thing you need to get a handle on is your halal status. It’s …

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  • Brand Courage and the American Muslim Consumer

    8, December, 2011

    This is our monthly column published by award-winning magazine Sparksheet. The Arab Spring is opening a new frontier for brands, but American marketers may want to look a little closer to home. Ogilvy Noor’s Shelina Janmohamed reports that engaging America’s …

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  • Fast Facts United Arab Emirates

    2, December, 2011

    At Ogilvy Noor we know that you are busy growing your business and your brand. That’s why we are starting a regular series of ‘Fast Facts’ to bring you key information in quick bite size chunks about topics of interest …

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  • Meet the Futurists: The new Muslim consumer

    1, December, 2011

    We are extremely delighted that this is the first Ogilvy Noor monthly column in Marketing Magazine Malaysia, exploring the area of marketing to Muslim consumers. The burgeoning popularity of Halal is extending far and beyond the conventional ‘Shariah’ consumables to …

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  • British Muslims patriotic and optimistic, says new survey

    24, November, 2011

    British Muslims are more patriotic than their peers, says a survey released this week by the think-tank Demos. When presented with the statement:  “I am proud to be a British citizen”, 83% of Muslims said they are proud of being …

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  • Let’s talk about Muslim men and hair

    17, November, 2011

    This is part of the Insider’s View blog series by Shelina Janmohamed When hair comes up in the context of Muslims, it is women who first come to mind. So I’m taking an unexpected look this week at the subject …

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  • Brands and the hajj: it’s about concern, community and caring, not commercialisation

    7, November, 2011

    Our thought piece this week is published by the awardwinning  multiplatform Magazine Sparksheet which says that it offers “good ideas about content, media and marketing.” To mark the current Eid Al Adha festival Ogilvy Noor’s Shelina Janmohamed looks at the Hajj – …

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  • Watch the 2011 Multicultural Award and our presentation at the American Muslim Consumer Conference

    4, November, 2011

    Last weekend, we were honoured to receive the 2011 Multicultural Award from the American Muslim Consumer Conference. Our Head of Strategy Nazia Du Bois (nee Hussain) was the guest of honour and was presented with the award. (Pictured: right) Click …

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  • Can we really speak of a ‘Muslim consumer’?

    1, November, 2011

    This article was originally published at Illume Magazine, an award-winning US magazine that describes itself as: “an award-winning, independent media organization that captures and articulates the Muslim-American experience.” By Shelina Janmohamed, Senior Strategist at Ogilvy Noor When it comes to …

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  • Ogilvy Noor video: Find out what we do, and meet the team

    27, October, 2011

    Ogilvy Noor was launched in 2010 and since then has been working hard on building brands with Muslim consumers. Watch the video to find out more on why Ogilvy Noor was founded, and the work that we are engaged in. You …

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