Ad Critique

Respect for mothers is a core Islamic belief

11, November, 2011






The context: Mothers hold a special status in Islamic belief. It is said that “Paradise lies beneath the feet of the mother”. This campaign makes reference to this exalted status. In addition, in Muslim cultures the role of the mother is valued and she is seen as being the lynch-pin of the family.

The concept: The campaign draws on the religious status of mothers in order to appeal to the Muslim heart.

What we liked: The campaign is simple and clear. It is built on a religious message without being preachy. Almost all Muslims will be familiar with the saying about paradise being beneath the mother’s feet, and so the campaign cleverly alludes to this without spelling it out.  It relates it to clear simple facts which will appeal to any person at all, and then uses the Islamic saying as a call to action. The imagery is careful not to depict a human face, which some Muslims will object to. However, it convey clearly with a clean and simple design that the mother is truly at the heart of the family, supported by husband and caring for her children.  Although the campaign taps into Islamic culture, its message is universal and mainstream and will appeal to all.