Ad Critique

“Ramadan cleanses sins”: innocence and purity as values that appeal to Muslim consumers

3, August, 2011


The context: From eating festive meals, calling faraway relatives on the phone or going on a roadtrip to visit grandparents, or getting pocket money from uncles and aunts, these are typical Indonesian family traditions.

The concept: Pupils at elementary school share their families’ Eid Al Fitr traditions through their drawings. Underneath all the usual traditions, the main message is that it’s the moment for us to be reborn, to be freed from sins, to forgive others, and to make a new start on life. As one of the little boys says in the ad: “On Eid AL Fitr we are all cleansed”.

The campaign: TV adverts were used featuring children describing their drawings

What we liked: Muslims always feel a great sense of endearment towards children, and are considered as both innocent and carriers of the truth. They are also seen as the future, and so combining the weight of traditions that they were explaining, with their innocence for a future cleansed of sin is a powerful combination for the Muslim consumer. It shows that the brand understands the importance of not just tradition and future, but of being pure and cleansed, and by extension these values become associated with them.