Ad Critique

More than skin deep: pure, halal beauty

15, July, 2011

The context: Muslim women value beauty, just like other women, but are also concerned about modesty and about their beauty regimes being in line with halal requirements in their ingredients.

The concept: Wardah assures women – especially Muslim women – that their cosmetics are halal and safe.

The campaign: The advert featured here was the print campaign which formed part of Wardah’s overall launch. They used the strapline: “Pure & Safe: Wardah uses qualified, safe & halal active ingredients” (Pure & Safe: Wardah menggunakan bahan aktif yang berkualitas, aman & halal)

What we liked: The use of the Arabic name ‘wardah’ which means ‘rose’, gives an aura of connection to Islamic values. This is emphasised by the model in the picture who is wearing hijab. This immediately connects with female Muslim consumers who put importance on Islamic values. In addition, the Indonesian actress Inneke Koesherawaty was featured in the advertising, and this external endorsement inspired other hijab wearing women in Indonesia to not be afraid of choosing Wardah as their cosmetic regime. The Halal Award logo was used in their print ads which immediately offered consumers assurance from a credible source of the validity of halal claims.