Ad Critique

How to make your product an integral part of the ummah

2, December, 2011



The context: The advert was aired in Ramadan, a time of family as well as a time to be conscious of those less fortunate, and to give of your own bounties.

The concept: The advert is an uplifting glimpse into children in various countries who realise of their own accord how much they have, and how little others may have. Without any prompting, they give their own toys and money to others. Several storylines are run, one of a little boy playing with a toy airplane, who sees another boy at the market looking longingly at the plane. He slips the plane into the boy’s family basket. Another story shows a child watching the tsunami and then making a donation from their own money box. The story lines are interwoven with imagery of groups of children singing traditional and uplifting songs of an Islamic nature, dressed in pure white showing their innocence. The advert closes in the home of the first young boy pictured, the family sharing their iftar with Olpers, the warmth and blessings of their family obvious.

What we liked: The advert embodies some of the key attributes of fasting, showing that they are inherent in innocent young children – the desire to give to others, the love of family, the understanding of blessings. The children’s innocence and purity is clear. The advert demonstrates that the product understands the importance of these attributes and that it too is part of the family, the community, even the ummah, in promoting these good qualities. The product sits comfortably as part of the family rather than showing off.  It supports the children in their good works, but does not overshadow them. This is crucial to Muslims who do not want brands to show arrogance or feel they are larger than Islamic values. The brand shows itself as part of the community, and encouraging children to demonstrate good moral values.