Ad Critique

Fashionable, faithful and young

21, July, 2011


The context: Marketing of Islamic clothing such as abayas tends to be focused on older women and mothers, assuming that modest clothing is not of interest to younger women

The concept: Young women want to express their faith through their clothing but be fashionable at the same time. They want clothing aimed at them.

The campaign: ‘Islamic Boutique’ in Bangalore uses local advertising (pole kiosks). the only advertising for the brand is the use of the image on OOH/ Kiosks with the name and address written below.

What we liked: ¬†There are no mainline ads from any mainstream brands aimed at young Muslim female consumers in this way. However ‘Islamic Boutique’ in Bangalore is a local brand which is in touch with its clientele. The image used is of two¬† very beautiful kohl lined eyes in an framed in an abaya. This uses the powerful image of the eyes without resorting to immodesty.

It speaks to young, female consumers(and not their mothers – who are the mainstay of the market for hijabs) and addresses their need for ‘Fashion’. The only part visible when one wears a hijab are the eyes. It is interesting that a store that sells Abayas chooses not to showcase fabrics, patterns, cuts, designs or styles but focuses on something that they do not even sell – beautiful eyes – as a means to communicate what their offering really is – fashionable abayas. In addition, the fabric print used on the scarf is one typically connected to the middle east and sometimes with political causes which gives the advert an edgy, modern and slightly subversive feel which will appeal to this target group.