Ad Critique

Connecting your product to deep Ramadan cultural traditions

12, August, 2011


The context: Roza Kushai is the name given to the very first fast that a child undertakes, when the child is old enough in Ramadan. It signals that the child is growing up, and also endears the child to the family because he or she is participating in an very important act of religious devotion – fasting. Therefore it is a moment of pure excitement for the child.

The concept: The advert shows the little girl’s Roza Kushai. She asks her mother what ‘roza’ means in English, and her mother replies “It means ‘fast’”. The girl responds, if it means ‘fast’, why doesn’t it go fast? And her mother replies that it is so you can get more goodness and reward.  Later, at the iftar table, one of the guest’s glass of Tang finishes and the girl gives him her Tang saying “It’s my Roza Kushai, everyone should get Tang.” And her mother adds that taking care of the guests is a reward in itself.

The campaign: TV adverts were used with a young girl expressing her desire for the drink.

What we liked: Tang has always been a summer drink hugely popular with kids. Three years ago they wanted to be the official drink of Ramadan which has always been the red syrup stronghold. Their advertising has still stayed very true to their heritage , they still showcase themselves as a kids drink but one that appeals to the whole family. The advert taps into a tradition which is very dear to Pakistani culture, and ties it together with the celebration of Ramadan, as well as the love and cherishing that is shown to children. It exhibits family and togetherness and the Tang glasses spread across the iftar table show that it doens’t just bring the family together, it is considered a real treat for Ramadan.