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  • The Friday Round Up (8 Nov): Ms Muslim Marvel, the Muslim pound, loyalty, marriage and mobile connectivity…

    Welcome to this week’s Friday round up, our end-of-the-week boost to give you something to mull over the weekend and fill your coming week with bright ideas.

    In depth

    A recent report published in the UK looks at the growing power of the Muslim Pound. There are 2.78 million Muslims in Britain, more than 10,000 Muslim millionaires, 13,400 Muslim-owned businesses in London alone creating 70,000 jobs, over a £1 billion is spent in the UK on the halal food industry and British Muslims have an estimated spending power of £20.5 billion.

    We explain why brands need to pay attention to the Muslim pound in our most recent thought piece.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Marvel Comics introduces a Muslim girl superhero

    UK’s Islamic finance forum delivers ‘can-do’ attitude

    A British Muslim customer wants action after he found pork in a supermarket’s ‘veggie’ pasties

    “Marriage isn’t a given anymore for Emirati ladies

    London opens for business with the Muslim world: Shari’ah student loans and sukuk (bonds) to come

    Dubai Global Islamic summit draws key sponsors including Nestle, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Qatar First Bank and Mastercard

    Islamic finance and Halal food sector need convergence

    “Over 70 per cent of the Muslim world is still “un-banked” in any shape or form, let alone with an Islamic bank”

    Middle East consumers lead the way in the digital age

    UAE a new frontier for growth of loyalty cards

    Facebook claims 56 million active monthly users in MENA, with 28m of them daily users thanks to mobile connectivity

    Muslim women want to work in the UK, but face ‘incredibly low’ glass ceiling

    How can we support genuine diversity in Islamic business and unlock its huge potential, asks a CEO of investment bank

    Arab superwomen triumph as comics depict new Middle East

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