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  • The Friday Round Up (25 Oct): the female Muslim consumer, Islamic finance demystified, halal wine and more…

    Here’s this week’s chance to get up to date with Muslim consumer insights from around the world. PLUS some easy reading to get up to speed with Islamic finance (if that’s your cup of tea) before the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum next week.

    In depth

    The news and media are constantly full of discussions about what Muslim women should or should not wear, and how they should or should not participate in society. At least that’s how Muslim women feel. From stories about whether niqabs should be permitted (face-veils) to whether headscarves are cultural matters or not, Muslim women express strongly that it is what they wear and how they look that dominates the public debate. Yet for them, getting on with living life is far more important. In this month’s AdCritique we look at a brand that clearly, and unequivocally establishes their direct engagement with Muslim women. And as a result sets a new precedent by cutting through the political and media noise with a simple message.

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    Ogilvy Noor’s Shelina Janmohamed has been selected by the BBC to be part of its 100 Women Club. “On Friday 25 October they are coming together at the BBC’s London headquarters, Broadcasting House, for a unique day of debate and discussion.” Read more.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights into Muslim consumer markets this week

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    Who really owns an halal logo? The case study of the South African National Halaal Authority

    Indonesia falls for social media: is Jakarta the world’s number one Twitter city?

    Turkish entrepreneur opens the country’s first online ‘halal’ sex shop

    Halal meat could secure future for UK abattoir

    How is Eid ul Adha celebrated around the world?

    A quick guide to Islamic finance

    Central banks of Malaysia and UAE sign pact to foster closer economic ties including in the area of Islamic finance

    What’s happening in the world of Islamic finance? Diary of Islamic Finance events to December 31

    Time for re-branding Islamic finance. Turkey’s ‘participation banking’ holds appeal to spread Islamic finance globally

    Sharia-compliant banks have been a small proportion of Turkey’s banking market to date but that looks set to change

    Islamic banking: answer to USA’s banking woes?

    Why isn’t there more collaboration between Islamic finance and Sustainable and Responsible Investing?

    Islamic finance: London can grab £1 trillion of the global market

    UK taskforce encourages banks to set up sharia-compliant products to position London as Islamic finance Western hub

    Some unlikely players are getting into Islamic finance including UK, India, Luxembourg and Turkey

    Are halal wines with zero alcohol soon to be a reality? And how should they be taxed at import?

    Muslims in China fed pork sold as halal beef

    Major MNCs like Nestle, Mars Foods and KFC now insist supply chains and logistics providers are globally halal compliant

    A progressive forward thinking European tourism industry must look wholeheartedly at how it can welcome the Islamic world

    Top 10 halal holiday hotel requirements

    Halal Food Park in the UK is Europe’s first and only dedicated Halal Food Park. It’s strategy is to focus on UK demand for halal beef and sheep meat

    Global Halal Trade & Logistics Summit starts this week

    What exactly is an halal supply chain? How is it achieved? And why is it important?

    New report on the Global Halal Food Market 2012-2016

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