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  • The Friday Round Up (11 Oct): mooncakes, hajj infographics, multivitamins, awards and more…

    The final month of the Islamic calendar has begun this week, Dhulhijjah, and with it Muslim pilgrims are converging in Makkah. Next Tuesday is Eid ul Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice. Watch out for our Eid message and our special Eid edition Ogilvy Noor Muslim consumer briefing.

    In depth

    To highlight the growth of the ‘Islamic economy’, Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai, launches the annual ‘Islamic Economy Award’. Ogilvy Noor is one of the judges on the panel which spans 14 corporate categories. Read more, and enter your company.

    The 9th World Islamic Economic Forum will be held in London, 29 – 31st October. It’s the first time ever outside of a majority Muslim country. The event will be hosted by the Mayor of London and UK Trade and Industry. Find out why London.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Halal mooncakes will foster cultural harmony as Malaysians celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival

    India: Some Muslims limit their involvement with the banking sector, but organisations are increasingly offering offer sharia-compliant finance to address their needs

    Halal Economy’ in global markets: an unstoppable rise

    “Many non-Muslims also prefer halal food

    Muslim consumers are looking beyond the traditional religious stipulations on meat and finance. Time to have fun.

    The number of pilgrims for hajj last year topped 3m. See how numbers have grown in the last 15 years (infographic)

    Hajj 2013: Muslims prepare for pilgrimage to Mecca (PICTURES)

    Convergence of technology and hajj with the new HajjSalam smartphone app

    UK Muslims reflect on peaceful hajj

    Dubai sets its sights on leading the global Islamic economy

    The launch of a new halal pre-natal multivitamin to join a growing marketplace

    Dubai universities to promote Islamic economy studies

    Islamic Finance Development Center to open in Istanbul

    First halal pharmaceutical gathering in Malaysia

    Australia: Halal expert earns processing industry’s highest honour

    Take a look under the hood of one of America’s leading halal certification bodies

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