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  • The Friday Round Up (4 Oct): pious divas, Muslim rappers, secrets of the Kaba and more…

    Here are the Friday links for your reading pleasure. Plus an invitation to hear Ogilvy Noor on a webcast discussing the growing segment of Muslim consumers.

    In depth

    Hosted by Thomson Reuters, Ogilvy Noor’s Vice President Shelina Janmohamed will be speaking at an online conference on 9th October about Muslim consumers, the importance of this demographic, and the challenges for the industry. The session is free to join. Find out more and sign up.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Ten things you didn’t know about the Kaaba

    Two of the biggest economies of the GCC, UAE and Saudi Arabia,  are moving quickly towards cashless transactions

    Increased focus on the customer driving Middle East banks to innovate

    Islam rising among UK youth

    “Just as one might exert fashion savvy with a hairstyle, now pious divas can express themselves with their headscarf”

    The limits on the professional Muslim woman

    Young Indian Muslim consumers: an escalating trend of potential

    The competitiveness of the halal food industry in Malaysia: A SWOT analysis

    Pharmaceuticals, food, fast food, personal care, cosmetics: Malaysia carves niche in global halal market

    Dubai close to launching halal certification

    Muslim rapper offers virtuous alternative to mainstream music

    Arab and Muslim stereotypes can be changed by the entertainment industry

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