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  • AdCritique: Products at the crossroads of faith and fun

    The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Islam. But young Muslims seek alternatives in terms of flavour and perceived lifestyle. With beers and alcoholic drinks seen as modern, fun and edgy, it’s no surprise that non-alcoholic equivalents are becoming increasingly popular among Muslim Futurists.

    According to The Economist: “Last year 2.2 billion litres [of non-alcoholic beer] was downed, 80% more than five years earlier. [...] But in the Middle East, which now accounts for almost a third of worldwide sales, the target market is the teetotal majority. In 2012 Iranians quaffed nearly four times as much as in 2007.

    In this month’s AdCritique we look at a non-alcoholic malt beverage available across the Middle East: “A surprising twist: products at the crossroads of faith and fun“Consumers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates also have a growing taste for it.”

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