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  • The Friday Round Up (16 Aug): post-Eid celebrations, hot halal trends, halal google, flying while Muslim and more

    After a busy Ramadan, we turn our attention to Eid and the celebrations around the world.

    In depth

    Eid Muslim Consumer Briefing: Along with 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, Ogilvy Noor has been celebrating Eid ul Fitr, the festival that follows Eid. In our special edition monthly Muslim consumer briefing, we focus in depth on the trends around the world, and offer an insight into the importance of togetherness and ummah for Muslims during this celebration. Read our special Eid newsletter.

    From FT.com: The Ramadan season is over, so what now for brands targeting Muslim consumers? Brands spend a huge chunk of their annual budget during Ramadan. But when the month of fasting is over what can they do to keep up the momentum? In this thought piece written for FT.com, we look at some deep insights that can shed light on how to continue brand engagement  with Muslim consumers, and how Ramadan is not the end, but the beginning of rekindling the relationship.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    New iPhone in flight prayer app alerts Muslims when and which direction to pray when they’re even 35,000 feet in the air

    Want to Google the ‘halal’ way? Search engine blocks un-Islamic content

    Red Crescent to make ‘halal’ drugs with Turkish blood

    Top 10 hottest halal trends

    Pakistan: ‘We must grab a bigger share in halal market

    Dubai strives to be leader of halal certifications

    The financial and social significance of Eid ul Fitr

    Seychelles Tourism runs Eid shopping promotion in Dubai

    Eid in Dubai for Summer is Dubai Tourism’s marketing campaign

    On-the-spot promotions are key during Eid campaigns, even during the 1am – 5am slot as engaging with 24hr shopping cycle is vital

    The many varieties of traditional Eid foods

    London celebrates Eid in Trafalgar Square

    Eid feasts can be a struggle, admits UAE diabetic

    UAE shoppers splash out for Eid

    Maamoul vs. new clothes: the Eid spending trade-off

    Turkish Airlines launches additional Eid flights from Saudi Arabia in response to overwhelming demand

    Image: Eid celebrations in London’s Trafalgar Square

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