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  • AdCritique: building childhood memories with Muslim children, and brand affection with Muslim parents

    Young Muslims are growing up in Western nations feeling themselves at once strongly patriotic and strongly Muslim. They see their national, Western and Muslim identities as complementary, all of which make up who they are. Our research has found that these Muslim Futurists want to see themselves, and their aspirations reflected in the mainstream, including in the commercial space. One particular challenge for parents is how to foster these strong identities that allow Muslim children to be confident in their heritage, at the same time as seeing themselves reflected in the wider culture in the same way that all children do. Brands rarely recognise how simply reflecting Muslim identity, events and culture can create powerful connections with Muslim consumers.

    In this month’s AdCritique, we look at how Crayola is engaging with Muslim parents through their need for mainstream recognition of their Muslim identity and the events that are important to them. Through insightful yet simple pictures for colouring in, and creative activities, the brand makes it clear that their products are for Muslim consumers, and can be a rich, fulfilling and central part of their childrens’ experiences. And with Muslims younger than the general population, and with higher household sizes and fertility rates, this is a smart strategy too.

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