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  • AdCritique: Ramadan must not be an excuse to exploit Muslim consumers

    Ramadan is a month of caring and giving, of being respectful and mindful of the thoughts and emotions of others. Despite these Ramadan values, and the fact that there is immense cultural pressure on Muslims to cook special treats in Ramadan, give food to guests, and ensure diets are properly looked after, many unscrupulous merchants raise prices in advance of the holy month, despite consumer anger, and even despite government regulation. This puts pressure on families, and also undermines the caring and giving spirit of Ramadan. Muslim consumers feel anger that they are being exploited at a time they have no choice.

    In this month’s AdCritique we look at Vital Tea in Pakistan that gives voice to this consumer concern, and puts its value-for-money positioning as one antidote to this exploitation. It’s a fresh and new response to the growth of exploitative pricing in recent years, and cuts through the Ramadan advertising noise.

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