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  • Ramadan voices from around the Ogilvy Noor network: Mondelez in Pakistan

    This week we’re bringing you Ramadan reflections from Ogilvy Noor around the world. Combining local insights with personal experience, it’s a chance to get close up on a month that brings together families, communities and enhances spirituality, through the lens of Ogilvy Noor’s deep experience in building relationships with Muslim consumers.

    You can read our previous blogs from Bangkok, the UAEIndonesia and Pakistan.

    Today’s Ramadan view comes from Mondelez in Pakistan.

    This Ramadan, Tang is rolling out a campaign, that centres around kids’ engagement, sharing and flavour variety. The campaign ties well with the notion of spreading goodness, which is an inherent belief of this month. It champions the fact that every child is a hero, and by sharing Tang’s four fruity flavours with the fasting believers, he upholds this inherent belief.


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