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  • The Friday Round Up (19 July): Ramadan from the Noor network, overeating, gym memberships, Premier league and more

    We’re now ten days into Ramadan. Around the Muslim world traditions, customs, feasting and activities have come alive!

    In depth

    This week we’ve been curating Ramadan reflections from the Ogilvy Noor team around the world. Combining local insights with personal experience, it’s a chance to get close up on a month that brings together families, communities and enhances spirituality, through the lens of Ogilvy Noor’s deep experience in building relationships with Muslim consumers.

    From Thailand, John Goodman reflected on the small but tight knit Muslim community in Thailand. And then in his role as Ogilvy Noor president blogged about how brands can make a genuine contribution in Ramadan, but that this challenge is not yet being met by communicators.

    From the UAE, Vaquas Alvi explained how brands start planning months before Ramadan for their campaigns. Then he opened up a world of local traditions in the country for us such as charity, Ramadan tents and TV dramas.

    Indonesia is the world’s largest population, and Will Taylor and his team explained how the entire national ambiance changes, from the imagery used, to PR activities, to songs played in malls, their decorations and how night time suddenly comes alive.

    In Pakistan, the journey for Muslims towards spiritual reconnection continues. In the brand space, Agha Azfar talks about how there is a move away from price promotions only, towards thematic Ramadan campaigns.  His client Mondelez gives a sneak insight into what Ramadan means for their brand Tang.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Arab world: TV dramas hook millions for large parts of their evenings, a recent tradition that has become inexorably linked with Ramadan

    Modish, modern, modest: Hijabistas’ blog

    Ramadan may mean shorter hours, big feasts, religious devotion for many but for the charity Red Crescent it’s their busiest time

    What do Muslims do in Ramadan who can’t fast due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, sickness or travel?

    Premier League: How Muslims are changing English football culture

    “Drugs prospectuses should involve data on whether a drug is halal, and doctors should make patients aware of a drug’s halal status”

    A Catholic butcher from Canberra says specialising in halal meat has kept him in business

    UAE’s affluent consumers show increasing demand for halal certified cosmetics

    Ramadan and football: Liverpool club doctor talks about training while fasting

    Kuwaiti newspapers are printing early during Ramadan but critics say evening editions miss big news items of the day

    ‘Facebook fast’ sparks debate over Ramadan social media use

    Social media activity in the Arab world rose at least 30% last Ramadan, Facebook by 30% and Twitter by 33%

    Qatar health experts warn of dangers of Ramadan overeating

    Appointments for weight loss advice traditionally soar by 50 percent after Ramadan

    Iftar is laid out for worshippers to share at a mosque in Istanbul


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