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  • Ramadan voices from around the Ogilvy Noor network: Indonesia

    This week we’ll be bringing you Ramadan reflections from the Ogilvy Noor team around the world. Combining local insights with personal experience, it’s a chance to get close up on a month that brings together families, communities and enhances spirituality, through the lens of Ogilvy Noor’s deep experience in building relationships with Muslim consumers.

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    Today, the Ramadan view comes from Will Taylor and his team Yulin Febrina and Tika Diyanti who are marking Ramadan in Indonesia.

    Indonesia is the biggest Muslim population in the world. Therefore, Ramadan in Indonesia is the most awaited month of the year. There are several things that you can only find only in Ramadan month. Firstly, a Ramadan theme will be implied in most marketing and communication activities. For the whole month, we see TVC’s. print ad materials as well as packaging using a Ramadan theme. Green is usually the main colour to be used

    The main image used in Indonesia is ‘Ketupat’, wrapping rice in woven coconut leaves.

    As for PR, the most common activities are media gatherings for  iftar, the breaking of the fast, giving food for the less fortunate to begin fasting and to break fast. Some companies will conduct CSR programs as part of their PR activities in this holy month.

    Ogilvy Noor Indonesia works with its clients to propose and deliver such activities to its clients.

    As for the ambiance, all malls will be decorated with Ramadan themes and play Muslim songs.

    There will be many street bazaars that sell food, drinks and clothes, especially near the mosques that open in the afternoon. It gets more exciting when night falls, because people gather to break fast. Later, they go on to the mosque to pray the Ramadan prayers called ‘tarawih’

    These moments of togetherness also happen in Ogilvy’s office. All Muslim workers are provided with snacks to break their fast. All in all, Ramadan has its own special atmosphere wherever you are in whichever city in Indonesia.

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