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  • Building a Muslim fashion brand for Indonesia

    This is a posting from our Ogilvy Noor team in Indonesia who recently spoke at the Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013.  The Fair is now in its fourth year, and this year attracted over 15 million visitors. Words by Yulin Febrina.

    Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013: Indonesia forges path to being the Centre of the Muslim Fashion World in 2020

    Worth an estimated $96 billion, the Muslim fashion industry is an attractive opportunity for brands. For Indonesia, already a leading name in Muslim fashion, the goal is to become the centre of the Muslim Fashion World by 2020.

    It is home to the Indonesia Islamic Fashion fair, and this year held its fourth annual event, bringing together designers and brands.

    Ogilvy Noor is a bespoke consultancy for building brands with Muslim consumers. As such, we were fascinated to attend, and were invited to speak in one of the seminar sessions titled: “Identify Your DNA Branding and Marketing for Fashion Business”.

    The four day event was held in the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia, from 30 May – 2 June 2013. It’s clear that Indonesia’s aspiration to become the leader of Muslim fashion by 2020 is not beyond reach: we witnessed a strong spirit of innovation and creativity presented by 182 Muslim fashion designers and brands.

    The challenge as we see it, is to develop Indonesia’s unique Muslim fashion brand and then develop strategies to establish this Muslim fashion brand in the mind of both international and global Muslim consumers.

    The country’s aim to become the leader of Muslim fashion by 2020 is fully supported by the Government. As stated by the Minister for Economic Affairs, Hatta Rajasa at the opening of the event, “I hope the entrepreneurs will register their brand and pay more attention on brand promotion. Also to use the government support and facilities in terms of accessing the capital, promotion as well as intellectual property rights.” Hatta Rajasa also encourages Muslim fashion entrepreneurs to continue improving their productivity and competitiveness in order to sustain economic growth.

    This 4th IIFF that was organized by the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs (APPMI) along with the Indonesia Islamic Forum Consortium brought in a profit of over IDR3 billion (approx $300k) and was attended by 15.7m visitors in just four days.

    The participating designers and brands numbering almost 200 included Irna Mutiara, Shafira, Ria Miranda, Dian Pelangi, Jenahara, Hannie Hananto, Up2Date, Jenny Tjanyawati, Monika Jufry, Najua Yanti, and Itang Yunasz. Designers from as far as Sydney, Australia, Amalina and Amman also participated in this event.

    Indonesian Muslim fashion is very colourful. This is a selling point that shines through. Beside promoting a new style of Muslim fashion, it also promoting Indonesia’s culture, as shown in Dian Pelangi and Ria Miranda’s designs, where traditional Indonesian fabrics are magicked into contemporary cutting edge design.

    Besides the fashion bazaar and fashion show, the Fair was also the site for other activities such as seminars, talk shows, workshops and fashion competitions.

    According to Irna Mutiara, chairman of IIFF 2013, the total number of participants in each seminar was up to 100, with the talk show hosting around 300 people each. “It showed that a great appreciation is not just coming from the Muslim fashion industry, but also the general public” she said.

    Ogilvy Noor Indonesia was represented by Will Taylor who spoke on how to “Identify Your DNA Branding and Marketing for the Fashion Business”. It was great to be alongside Salman Subakat, the Marketing Director from Wardah Cosmetics. Wardah is a leading brand when it comes to marketing halal cosmetics to Muslim consumers.

    Ogilvy Noor discussed fashion branding, the opportunity of the global Muslim consumer market and how to optimise the opportunity for Indonesian Muslim fashion. This seminar was attended by designers, Muslim fashion entrepreneurs, and the media.

    If you are an Indonesian Muslim fashion brand, and you want to reach out to Muslim consumers to grow your business and your brand, get in touch and we’ll tell you more about how we can work with you.

    Images: Top: Ogilvy Noor speaks at the Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013 on the subject of “Identify Your DNA Branding and Marketing for Fashion Business”. In the picture: far right, Ogilvy Noor’s Will Taylor, centre, Ogilvy Noor’s Yulin Febrina.  Below: Muslim fashion displays at the fair.

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