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  • The Friday Round Up (14 June): Indonesian shopping, female-friendly hotels, London’s surge, Ramadan readiness and more…

    It’s Friday, which means just one thing: time for Ogilvy Noor’s finest insights into the growing Muslim consumer market.

    In depth

    The American dream says that anyone can make it. In this month’s AdCritique we look at one of the first mass-market campaigns that places American Muslims into the breadth of the American landscape, showcases their dreams and aspirations, and engages with them as ordinary Americans. According to our research this is the kind of engagement that American Muslims seek: a recognition of their participation in the civic and commercial space just like other consumers.  Read more about Prudential’s Day One stories of retirement planning, and their feature of Mujahid Abdul-Rashid.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh unveils female-only floor, for comfort and cultural sensitivity

    SalamWorld, dubbed ‘halal Facebook’, aims to provide a “cleaner, Islam-centred” version of the global social network, aiming to launch in July

    Islamic trade finance to emerge as preferred choice in emerging markets

    Indonesia Shopping Center Association promotes 2013 Festival Jakarta Great Sale to Middle East, US, and European shoppers

    UAE launches Middle East’s first m-Government service

    The UK’s Food Standards Agency says halal certification is not their responsibility but falls under the remit of halal certification bodies

    London’s Deputy Mayor highlights the growth of the Islamic finance sector in the UK capital

    The rise of Indonesia’s Muslim fashion industry

    The common bond between Islam and social enterprise

    Mosques invite their congregations to take part in special health session to help them stay healthy during Ramadan

    USA: Muslim Women’s Organisation works to donate care packages of nourishing food to give to needy families during Ramadan

    European Central Bank and Malaysia-based Islamic Financial Services Board conduct study on Islamic finance in Europe

    Survey shows trend towards Islamic weddings with Western influences

    Lord Mayor of London Roger Gifford addresses the London Sukuk Summit which explores Islamic finance

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