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  • The Friday Round Up (19 Apr): winning over consumers, in-depth Islamic finance, halal hotel websites, Ramadan TV broadcasts and more

    This week we’ve been busy in the global media. And of course we’ve got the latest stories from around the world about Muslim consumer markets.

    In depth

    This in-depth report was originally published in ‘Islamic Finance‘ by Raconteur Media on 16th April 2013 in The Times exploring the growth of the Islamic finance sector in the UK, in light of the Islamic Finance task force set up by the UK government. The report features insight and analysis by Ogilvy Noor. “In the wake of the global financial crisis, Islamic finance has gathered momentum with Sharia-compliant principles…” Read the full report here.

    When it comes to retail banking, Islamic banks must demonstrate how they differ from discredited sections of the banking industry if they are to thrive in the UK. In this article featuring Ogilvy Noor, some of the latest research and challenges come under the spotlight.

    This week, Singapore’s Business Times published a full page feature looking at the growth of the Muslim consumer market and why it is significant for businesses. “Winning over the Muslim consumer: Brands leading Muslim consumer trends are those that embrace values, such as humility, transparency, purity and togetherness”. Read ‘From the desk of… Ogilvy Noor’s VP

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    UAE boasts 28 organic certified farms, with more on the way. They are a result of growing demands in the nation for organic produce

    “Islamic banks need comprehensive marketing approach

    Japanese and Korean investors to leverage Malaysian halal certification. China, Russia and India also interested

    Groundbreaking humanitarian initiative to give aid agencies around the world relief aid in halal meat for disasters and famine

    Nigeria: “I create stylish, modest clothes for Muslim women” with a new line called ‘Muslim Identity’ (MID)

    Figures show changing face of young Arabs: last year’s worries about job security and corruption are changing into a new sense of optimism

    Indonesia: West Java to host the biggest halal conference in South East Asia

    Thai food makers urged to enter Malaysian market to capitalise on the vision Malaysia has to be a global halal food hub

    Malaysia travel site launches an halal hotel search option

    UK’s Channel 4 to broadcast Ramadan morning prayers: the British television channel announces season of programs to mark Islamic holy month

    Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce grants its first trade license to halal body with the remit to promote Pakistan halal products and services

    British Muslim MP talks about how he balances his faith with his job, about living as part of a Muslim minority

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