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  • The Friday Round Up (12 Apr): Muslim storytelling, halal clubs and halal hubs, food apps, art scenes and the virtues of speaking for yourself…

    This week we’re covering everything from social media, to storytelling, to Newsweek and halal hubs.

    In depth

    This month’s AdCritique looks at how personal storytelling can overcome Muslim consumer worry and doubt, and understand how a brand can be integrated into Muslim life. Our example comes from McDonald’s in Malaysia, telling the story of Nasir, the importance of Islamic values in his life, and how the brand helps him to reach his Muslim aspirations. See the full AdCritique here on how to tell a personal Muslim story and build credibility and trust

    Did you see our March Muslim consumer briefing? Read out most recent in-depth publication with our feature article published in the FT on the politics of halal, stand out Muslim fashion imagery, the rising phenomenon of Muslim travel guides and more.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Middle Eastern banks must engage with social media in order to engage with changing consumer behaviour

    Newsweek names Saudi among world’s top women

    “Innovation and strict adaptation of Islam’s halal philosophy are a barometer to determine a genuine halal hub

    Has halal food become just a commercial commodity?” Thoughts of a worried Muslim about changing attitudes

    Belgium sets up ‘Halal Club‘ comprising 75 companies with a broad range of halal products and services for export

    Dubai food code tightens the rules on non-halal food sales and allergens

    Muslim-friendly halal make-up on the rise in Canada

    Biggest buying groups at a recent Malaysian halal fair from China, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam

    Malaysia continues to be a regional sourcing hub for halal ingredients

    The story of the birth of a small home-based Muslim woman’s fashion brand in Malaysia

    New app shows where to eat halal food in a non-Muslim nation, when looking for restaurants and grocery shopping

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi launches $500m private equity Halal Opportunities Fund focusing on food security

    Chile expands its reach into the halal market, and now has 50 halal certified companies

    45 American Muslim men talk about life, Muslim beliefs and being on the private and public stage “I speak for myself”

    Malaysian Islamic Finance MBA attracts students from around the world who want to work in the growing Islamic finance sector

    The booming art scene in the Middle East


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