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  • The Friday Round Up (5 Apr): halal is not just what you eat, milk banks, Twitter anonymity, body piercing, and top Facebook brands…

    Salam and welcome to this week’s Friday Round Up, with insights and analysis of the Muslim consumer market.

    In depth

    124_156 Hijabi_in_front_of_mosue_in_CairoIt is a multitrillion-dollar sector. But halal is not just about food – as a conference displaying Malaysia’s lead in the area illustrates, it is rapidly evolving into consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and Islamic finance, with interest also from the Arabian Gulf. Halal: it’s not just what you eat

    When people talk of halal – meaning permitted – the first thought goes to meat, as animals must be slaughtered according to Quranic prescription. But we discuss here some of the myriad new industries growing to address the needs of Muslim consumers. Connecting and engaging through shared values, culture and faith.

    In case you missed it, here’s a link to our latest thought piece published on FT.com: Certifying your product as halal is an important step towards engaging with the world’s 1.8 billion Muslim consumers and their $2.1 trillion spend on the halal economy. However, it’s not as simple as pasting a logo onto your packaging: brands and businesses must have a clear market strategy and a carefully crafted brand positioning. Read more about the Politics of Halal.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Malaysia brings in buyers in order to showcase SMEs that are manufacturing halal products and to secure sales

    Taiwan is aiming to attract more Muslim tourists

    Saudi Arabia is hiring Muslim nurses

    “More than Breast Friends: Kinship and Muslim milk banks.” Turkey establishes the first facility in the Muslim world

    Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) to update halal guidelines due to over-zealous requests to certify items that don’t need halal certification

    Saudi Arabia looks into taking the anonymity out of Twitter

    Kyrgyz designers show their new collections of Muslim fashion

    Millennial Muslims and social media activism

    Rwanda: Revellers impressed by Muslim fashion show

    High-Fashion and Islam: ‘Hijabinistas On the Rise’ and how Muslim fashion is changing the scene in Philadelphia, USA

    Body piercing trend rises among Saudi women

    Philly Hijabis Killing It“: Tumblr about love, hijab, fashion and Muslim womanhood in Philadelphia

    Moscow Halal Expo a meeting place for the Islamic arts

    Twitter is booming in Saudi Arabia. A new study finds Twitter growth at 3000%

    Do you know what are the top 100 brands on Facebook in MENA?

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