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  • Friday Round Up (8 Feb):hip hijabs, South African Muslim history, pork DNA, Dubai Islamic vision and more…

    Welcome once again to Ogilvy Noor’s Friday round up. This week we’re look at topics as diverse as South African museums, hijab heebeejeebees, pork DNA (yes you read that right!) and online Arabic language use.

    In depth

    Next week is Valentine’s Day. Is all this talk of love however, of any use when it comes to talking to Muslim consumers? If anything, it sometimes feels like newspapers and media outlets are filled with discussions advising pious Muslims to avoid Valentine’s Day and related celebrations of romantic love. It’s no doubt that whilst some Muslims will embrace it with gusto, there are those who will eschew it just as vigorously. Malaysia’s Muslims tend to fall into the latter camp, shunning what is seens as ‘a consumerist orgy that demeans love’. It is no wonder then that marketers prefer to play it safe and avoid stirring up controversy, erring on the side of caution rather than finding brave and creative ways to talk to the Muslim consumer segment. There is no need to fear love – embrace it, but be savvy. From our archive we discuss how you can grow Muslim consumer affection for your brand.

    Did you spot our piece in the FT last week? Ogilvy Noor is talking about marketing to Muslim tourists.

    Our Monthly Muslim Consumer Briefing was published last week. If you missed it, you can read it along with our entire archive of newsletters, and also ensure you are subscribed for the future.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights from Muslim consumer markets

    Halal butcher shop, Xining, China

    Chinese firms mis-labeling food as halal and imported from Muslim countries spark fury among Xinjiang’s Uighur Muslims

    The opportunities and challenges of cosmetics products that are both halal and organic/natural certified

    Southern California designers help make young Muslims hip in their hijabs

    Dubai aims to be hub of Islamic economy

    UAE bankers embrace Dubai’s Islamic vision

    South Africa reaches out to Muslim tourists by drawing on it’s Islamic heritage, like the Bo-Kaap museum

    Travel in Tunisia: 10 loves and hates to know before going

    Canadian city becomes home away from home as Gulf Arabs invest in local properties for holidays

    Add Arabic to your online languages: Arabic is the most under-served language on top global sites, although it ranks number 11 in online spend

    Unsung heroes of the Islamic finance industry

    Arab Spring aftermath batters Middle East tourism. Dubai booms as a ‘safe haven’ away from the troubles, Egypt tourism slumps, and Tunisia recovers slightly

    An insight into the worries of Muslim tweens: “Am I Doing the Right Thing? Muslim Preteen and the Hijab Heebeejeebees

    Muslim American comedian‘s “use of respectful humor leads the audience to think seriously about poverty, racism, multiculturalism, civil rights and critical race theory”

    One of the UK’s biggest food distribution companies withdraws a range of halal products after claims it contains pork

    Twitter will run ads in the Middle East to target ‘Arab Spring’ user base, which has tripled it’s subscribers

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