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  • The Friday Round Up (16 Nov): Muslim soap operas, ‘green’ news, Mughal magic and Islamic new year

    Welcome to this week’s Friday Round up. As the Islamic year begins, we spend time looking at how this affects Muslim life and what marketers need to understand. And we bring you the best of insights about Muslim consumers.

    In depth

    This week marks the beginning of Islamic new year. We’re taking a look at how the calendar works, how and why it’s different from the Gregorian calendar, and some of the important affects of seasonality that the savvy marketer needs to look out for. Here are our tips on how to understand the Islamic calendar, the crescent moon and seasonality.

    Cheat sheet: sharp insights into Muslim consumer markets this week

    The BBC reports on halal holidays in the sun. Resorts in Antalya, South West Turkey, are growing in popularity with Muslim travellers

    A new soap opera from the Subcontinent set in Muslim milieu casts the heroine as futuristic Muslim woman forging her own identity

    Trade links after 16 years mean Bahrain companies are set to cash in on new India and Pakistan agreements wth opportunities to grow halal businesses

    Collaboration with Thailand can boost halal industry” says Malaysia during bilateral discussions

    Halal cosmetics gain popularity in Asia, with the segment worth up to $14bn

    An insight into the power of Muslim heritage, shown through art and exhibition: ‘What did the Mughals do for us?

    India’s Muslim media: “Green Colour Paper — An English daily for Muslims is planned”

    Malaysia’s govt halal certification body JAKIM launches a directory of the halal industry, listing certificate holders

    A guide to doing business in Saudi Arabia“: GDP $582bn, $726bn-worth of projects, and 25% of the world’s oil reserves

    Tesco wins world food award for its range which includes halal foods

    Google: most online Arabic content lacks accuracy or quality, and makes up 3% of online content. Of this, 33% is contained within private fora

    The UAE government announces Islamic new year holiday on Thursday 15th November

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